Three More Angel-Trombonists from Northern Italy

Today I added the below three images and captions. They are all from Northern Italy, all depict angel-trombonists, and all were brought to my attention by Michele Magnabosco. Thanks, Michele!

I will be plotting them on the map, Trombone Art in European Churches, Pre-1800, bringing the tally to 93 examples. As you will notice, there is already a large cluster in Northern Italy.

I will also be adding the middle one to the collection, How to Hold a Sackbut: The Grip of the Early Trombone (bringing that total to 80 examples), and all three of them to the collection, Angel Trombonists throughout History (bringing that total to 91 examples). Enjoy!


c. 1510—Brescia, Italy: A plaster decoration in Santa Maria delle Grazie features what appears to be a trombone with somewhat elongated bell and an extra length of tubing, or tortil (see below image; public domain) (special thanks to Michele Magnabosco).Santa Maria delle Grazie cropped

c. 1552—Verona, Italy: A fresco by Domenico Brusasorzi in the church of Santo Stefano depicts angel musicians, including a trombonist, performing from a balcony (see below image; public domain) (special thanks to Michele Magnabosco).brusasorzi dtl

1600s—Pastrengo (Verona), Italy: A fresco in Sanctuario di Santa Maria di Pol depicts an angel trombonist (see below image; public domain) (special thanks to Michele Magnabosco).maria di pol musica a verona fig 190