Fall 2020 Jazz Trombone Auditions

Audition Instructions:

Auditions for jazz bands and combos will not be in person this year due to social distancing requirements. Your audition will be by video submission. Adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Record a single, un-edited video performance of the materials in the order listed below. You can take a break between the prepared piece and the improv, but do not stop the recording. It needs to be continuous, as if you were playing it in person.
  2. You may record your audition as many times as you like before submitting the final version you feel best represents your finest playing.
  3. Upload the video to YouTube, make it unlisted, and email me the YouTube link. Please email your link to will.kimball@byu.edu.
  4. Fill out the following google form about your availability, contact info, and which ensembles you’re auditioning for: Availability form
  5. Submit your video link via email by 3:00pm, Wednesday, September 2, 2020. No late submissions will be accepted.


Audition Materials:

Below is the list of the audition materials: a prepared piece and improv (3 choruses of either B-flat blues or F blues).

Tenor trombone prepared piece

Bass trombone prepared piece

•Improv track: 3 choruses of either B-flat blues or F blues (or you may use a different backing track of your choice).