Fall 2017 Ensemble Auditions

Auditions for large ensembles (bands and orchestras) will take place the evening of the first day of classes. As usual, auditions will be blind (behind a screen). There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board outside my office door (E465 HFAC); the sign-up sheet is simply to get a tally of players and for the proctor’s use in assigning players a number—the proctor will jumble the names before the audition when assigning you a number.

Below is the list of the audition materials. You can find all of the music at tromboneexcerpts.org, using the links provided below for each excerpt. Prepare the portion of the music shown on tromboneexcerpts.org, unless otherwise noted. Non-majors may elect to prepare a solo of their choice instead of the below excerpts

It is highly recommended that you listen to recordings of these pieces multiple times in order to determine tempo, style, context, etc. A good starting point for recordings is tromboneexcerpts.org (click on orchestras listed below each excerpt). Also, tenor trombones, please take note of clefs. Good luck everyone!



1) Mozart, Requiem

2) Berlioz, Hungarian March (through 2 bars after 5)

3) Saint-Saëns, Symphony No. 3 (Q to R)

4) Wagner, Tannhauser (excerpt 1)

5) Ravel, Bolero (optional, but required if you want to be considered for principal trombone in the top ensembles)


BASS TROMBONES (same materials as last year)

1) Haydn, Creation

2) Wagner, Ride (minor and second major sections)

3) Berlioz, Hungarian March

4) Schumann, Symphony No. 3 (both excerpts)

5) Kodaly, Hary Janos