Trio and Quartet in 19th Century Germany

I have just added the images below by German artist/illustrator Theodor Hosemann to the Trombone History Timeline (19th century, 2nd half). The images, particularly the trombone players, bear a certain resemblance to each other.


1856—Berlin, Germany: Theodor Hosemann’s watercolor, Kleine Blaskapelle, features a trio of brass musicians, along with a couple of curious onlookers (see below image; public domain).hosemann kleine blaskapelle 1856


1860—Berlin, Germany: Theodor Hosemann’s lithograph, “Harzer Musikanten,” an illustration for the book, 52 Sonntage oder Tagebuch dreier Kinder, includes a trombonist playing with a small wind ensemble for a country dance (see below image; public domain).hosemann 1