14 More Baroque Trombone Recordings

I just added the below 14 recordings to the Trombone History Timeline. There’s some very nice music here! Three of the pieces (Picchi, Buonamente, Schmelzer) include two recordings of the same work; it’s always worthwhile to check out what different performers do with the same piece. Enjoy!


1610—Italy: Lodovico Viadana, Sinfonia “La Bergamasca” for 8 instruments, from Sinfonie musicali.

1618/19—Giovanni Priuli, Canzon terza a 6 (due cornetti e viola, due tromboni e fagotto).

1618/19—Giovanni Priuli, Canzon quarta a 6 (3 violini, 3 tromboni).

c. 1620—Giovanni Valentini calls for 2 cornetti and 2 trombones in Canzon a 4.

1625—Venice, Italy: Giovanni Picchi, Canzon Decima Quinta from Canzoni da sonar don ogni sorte d’Instrumenti.

1626—Leipzig, Germany: Johann Hermann Schein, Ich will schweigen, a funeral lament.

1636—Giovanni Battista Buonamente, Sonata a 6, violino e liuto attiorbato, cornetto e tre tromboni.

1636—Venice: Giovanni Battista Buonamente, Sonata a 6 for 2 violins and 4 trombones.

1669—Vienna, Austria: Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Sonata “La Carioletta” for cornetto, violin, trombone, and bassoon (Collver 68).

c. 1716—Johann Joseph Fux calls for trombone, violin, cornetto, and bassoon in his Sonata a 4, K. 347 (Collver 50).

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