Serpent on the March

It’s not quite as odd as the title sounds. I just added the below caption and image to the post, Serpent & Ophicleide: History and Images.

c. 1790—London, England: An engraving depicts a regiment of Foot Guards in front of St. James’s Palace. Included among the soldier-musicians is a serpent player (see below detail; public domain; Strachan, British Military Uniforms, pl. 27) (Scottish United Services Museum).


  1. I am researching this engraving of ‘a regiment of Foot Guards in front of St. James’s Palace’ and was wondering if you anything more about it or where you found it originaly? thanks

    • Pandora,
      I know it’s held in the Scottish United Services Museum and you can find a reproduction in the book British Military Uniforms, pl. 27. I hope that helps!

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