Update to Alto in Treatises Page: Summary of Alto Trombone Keys

Made the following update to the Alto in Treatises page, giving a summary of specific keys that writers have historically assigned to the alto trombone. For more on alto trombone keys, see also the Extant Altos page, which lists alto trombones manufactured before 1800, along with their respective keys.


40        D/E-flat

4          F

2          B-flat

1          E


GERMANY: 14 D/E-flat, 1 B-flat

Praetorius (1619)—D

Speer (1697)—D

Niedt (1721)—D

Majer (1729)—D

Christoph and Stössel (1736)—D

Eisel (1738)—D

Koch (1802)—D

Fröhlich (c. 1811)—B-flat/E-flat (contradictory)

Riemann (1882)—E-flat

Saro (1883)—E-flat

Jadassohn (1889)—E-flat

Schroeder (1889)—E-flat

Hofmann (1893)—E-flat

Mayerhoff (1913)—E-flat

UNITED KINGDOM: 10 E-flat, 3 F, 1 E

Bertini (1830)—E-flat

Mandel (1859)—E-flat, E, F

Prout (1877)—E-flat

Stone/Grove (1879-90)—E-flat, F

Hunter (1879-88)—E-flat

Encyclopaedia Britannica (1888)—E-flat, F

Corder (1896)—E-flat

Vincent (1897)—E-flat

Fitzgerald (1902)—E-flat

Forsyth (1913)—E-flat

FRANCE: 5 E-flat

Braun (c. 1795)—E-flat

Kastner (1839)—E-flat

Berlioz (1844)—E-flat

Gevaert (1863)—E-flat

Lavignac (1895)—E-flat

AUSTRIA: 1 E-flat, 1 B-flat

Seyfried/Albrechtsberger (1826)—E-flat

Nemetz (1827)—B-flat

BELGIUM: 3 E-flat

Mahillon (1897)—E-flat

Ergo (1908)—E-flat

Gilson (1921)—E-flat

ITALY: 1 E-flat

Galli (1898)—E-flat

US/CANADA: 6 E-flat, 1 F

Coon (1883)—E-flat

Claus (1884)—E-flat

Olker (1889)—E-flat

Henderson (1899)—E-flat

L. Elson (1900)—E-flat

A. Elson (1922)—F

White (1924)—E-flat

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